Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook Comes ‘Out’: “I Am Proud to be Gay.”

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook Comes ‘Out’: “I Am Proud to be Gay.”Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook often describes himself as: an engineer, a nature lover, an uncle, a fitness nut, a sports fanatic, and a son of the South, among others. Now there is an addition to the list, which he says is part of his core and his identity—a proud gay man.

Perhaps one of the most interesting stories in the technology industry this week, Cook’s ‘coming out’ announcement came through a personal essay he shared with a media company. Through that, he broke his silence to make the announcement.

He made it clear. “I’m proud to be gay.” Cook added that he considers being one as among the best gifts that God has given him. The CEO of a giant technology firm reiterated that his sexuality has not been a secret at his organization.

But he felt he needed to acknowledge it publicly for his personal support to the fight for equality and for the uplifting of the minorities. He asserted that standing up for equality has always been at the core of his personal as well as business ethos.

Fortunate to be with Apple

Cook did not forget to mention how grateful he is to Apple. He said he has been fortunate to be part of a company that supports creativity and innovation through embracing the differences among people.

Furthermore, Cook added that he would continue to fight for the values he believes in. He also said that any CEO of the company in the future would also certainly do the same.

Taking a tough job

Cook took the helm at Apple in 2011 following the much publicized death of company founder and ex-CEO Steve Jobs. Anyone would agree that it was a tough job to take. Not surprisingly, he faced much criticism for allegedly failing to continue the luster of the tech giant.

However, with the recent frenzy over the latest releases from the company, most analysts have started applauding Cook for making Apple bounce back. The company has been setting historic records in terms of sales and system adoption since the release of iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iOS 7. iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8, and the new iPads prove to be major hits among consumers.

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