Apple Inc Acquires ‘Embark’, another Navigation-Software Company

Apple Inc Acquires Embark another Navigation-Software CompanyApple Inc has bought another company that generates local map information. The giant technology firm confirmed its acquisition of Embark Inc, which specializes in providing data about public-transit as well as directions. The transaction is part of Apple’s continuous initiative to bolster the features and performance of its own mapping system.

According to sources, Apple intends to integrate Embark’s technology into its Apple Maps. The company may finally replace its existing public transit features. Embark focuses on providing information specifically about public transportation in San Francisco, New York, London, and other major cities around the globe.

Latest acquisition

It could be recalled that Embark was among the many location app developers that were boosted when Apple launched its iOS 6 in September 2012. Embark previously revealed that it generated the biggest surge in the volume of downloads for its app just a week after the operating software was released.

Embark has become the latest mapping and navigation company purchased by Apple so far this year. Earlier this year, the smartphone manufacturer bought WifiSLAM, which is known for its location-identification technology. Just last month, the company also purchased Inc—an online transit-navigation business—and Locationary Inc—a provider of business location maps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in May that it is part of the company’s new strategy to buy a smaller or startup business every month. However, the firm also clarified that it would not discuss details about its plans for the acquisitions.

Replacing Google Maps

Last year, Apple decided to drop Google Maps from its software. It did so because it launched its own mapping software. However, Apple’s map was highly criticized because it was plagued with numerous errors. At one point, Mr. Cook apologized for the blunders and committed to resolve the problems and come up with a better and improved navigation service.

That was when the company started searching for mapping companies and apps that it could acquire. The goal was quite obvious: to obtain new technologies and services that could be incorporated into its own mapping platform. Apple seems focused on improving its maps. As months go on, the company announces new and additional features that would make the service standout and obtain more distinction.

For its part, Google decided to launch its own Google Maps app that would still be used by iOS device users. That Google app is available for free downloading in Apple’s App Store.

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