Apple explores the future for wearable iWatch

Apple Inc. explores the future for wearable iWatchApple speculates about consumers’ interest in wearable iPod while making plans to create iWatch which is said to release by late next year.

As of this month, Apple has been gathering a team of hardware and software engineers, fitness experts and sensor manufacturers as well as made trademarks and 79 patents for “iWatch” with aim to create the iWatch, according to CNET. The New York Times said trademarks of iWatch were made in Taiwan, Russia, Mexico, and Japan at the beginning of July.

Financial Times reported in mid-July that Apple had begun to assemble a group of experts to work on the production of the device.

With the interest of having people be able to wear an iPod-type device upon their wrist, Apple has been making shifts in hiring experts for the task.

Apple’s Senior Vice President, Bob Mansfield, who was supposed to be leaving Apple in June, ended up staying with the company to “work on future products,” according to 9TO5MAC. Also leading the project for the device are Apple Vice President, Kevin Lynch, and Senior Hardware Director, James Foster, who are working with teams of their own. Lynch’s team is assigned to hardware and software while Foster’s team works toward making the iWatch a “light, functional wearable gadget.”

In addition to Foster’s team, others put their mind to the idea of an iPod watch. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who recently made an appearance at the D11 Conference in California, wore the Nike Fuel Band which has iOS, a similar technology to that of an iWatch. According to CNET, Cook said that wearable computers were “profoundly interesting” and thought the idea of wearing something on the wrist is “natural.”

Cook discussed Apple’s challenge with developing such a product.

“You have to convince people it’s so incredible you want to wear it,” said Cook.

Speaking of wearable, Apple has also hired Paul Deneve, who was the chief executive of the designer Yves Saint Laurent, to give some fashion insight on the watch.

As 2013 progresses, many companies are looking toward the future of their products. Apple is not the only one trying to create and test the efficiency of wearable technological devices. Companies like Google, Samsung, Dell, and Pebble seek new frontier in the field of new technology. According to CNET, the Pebble Watch, which is already in progress, has music, texting, call notifications, and a mini-app system.

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