Apple CEO Tim Cook Answers Controversial Questions in a Candid Interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook Answers Controversial Questions in a Candid InterviewAll eyes, and ears, were on Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook when he graced a candid interview during a conference set by a major newspaper earlier this week. It was a rare  opportunity for the media, the consumers, and Apple enthusiasts to get to know the company’s stance on some controversial issues hounding it.

He first declared Apple Pay as a ‘tremendous success.’ Cook explained that just within three days, the service was able to activate about 1 million credit cards into its system. He said that within that short period, it was able to exceed the number of activated credit cards on all its existing competitors combined.

Furthermore, Cook assured everyone that the giant technology firm is not out to collect customers’ data through Apple Pay. In fact, he reiterated that using Apple Pay would simply be much easier than using any credit card.

Rejections and possible partnerships

When asked about his reaction to CVS and Rite Aid’s decision to block Apple Pay in their stores, Cook simply said it was a ‘skirmish’ business action. He reiterated that most
retailers would realize in the long run that no other similar system would be more secure.

When asked about the speculations that Apple would soon form a partnership with China’s Alibaba, Cook disclosed that the company would get into negotiations with the Chinese retailer later this week to discuss a possible link between Apple Pay and AliPay.

Out with the old, in with the new

About the Apple Watch, Cook asserted that the frequency charging the smartwatch should match the level of usage of the device. He said that the wearable should be charged less if it is used less.

Lastly, Cook made clarifications about the demise of the iPod Classic. It can be recalled that Apple made headlines when it announced a few months ago that it was discontinuing the production of its classic portable music playing device. He explained that it was not a personal decision. Instead, the company had no choice because many of the parts used to assemble the device are not available from suppliers anymore. 

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