Apple buys LuxVue Micro-LED display company

Apple buys LuxVue Micro-LED display companyApple recently acquired LuxVue a company that specializes in low power Micro-LEDs. While the Cupertino giant has not yet confirmed the news, this acquisition could mean that Apple’s iWatch is real and is coming soon.

LuxVue was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Santa Clara California. The company designs and builds Micro-LED displays for mobile devices, but other than that, the details about the company are scarce. So, the exact reason as to why Apple bought the company is not yet revealed but experts claim that LuxVue could play a major role in developing the display for its rumored product, iWatch.

LuxVue’s Micro-LED displays save battery life

The Micro-LED displays developed by the company are quite different than traditional displays. According to John Doerr, a partner at the Venture Capital Firm, Kleiner Perkins, LuxVue’s displays are a breakthrough in display technology.

His firm has invested in the company and in an event last year; he explained the technology that LuxVue works on.

“Instead of having a bright white light and then filtering away the colors you don’t want, at every pixel, it puts down two red, two green, two blue directly emissive LEDs,” Doerr said at the TechCrunch event. “This will deliver nine times better brightness with lower battery requirements.”

Nine times better brightness with less power consumption sounds perfect for a smartphone display, but it would be even better for a product like a smartwatch which comes with a small battery.

Apple iWatch could use these Micro-LED displays

It was reported last year that Apple was having troubles with the battery on its upcoming smartwatch. The traditional display technology was not advanced enough for a device like iWatch which will come with a small a battery. So, Apple was reportedly looking for new technologies to overcome this hurdle.

Looks like the company finally found the solution. These Micro-LEDs could be perfect for a device like smartwatch and even Doerr said the same last year.

“Also [LuxVue displays] can be on curved substrates, so if somebody was gonna make a really great watch, you might want to use it there.” added Doerr at the event last year.

But its use may not be just limited to smartwatches as these low power displays could end up on Apple’s upcoming iPhones and iPads.

As usual, Apple did not confirm nor deny the report, instead the company’s spokesperson just said, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

Apple could announce the iWatch anytime this year, even at the WWDC 2014 to be held in June. So stay tuned to the website for more information.

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