Apple and Samsung fail to come to a resolve in regards to its patent trial

Apple and Samsung have been at war from a long time and there have been several attempts from both the parties to settle their disputes outside the court. According to latest reports from ZDnet Korea, talks between Apple and Samsung in New York last week did not bear any fruit which may mean that the companies may now directly meet at the patent infringement lawsuit scheduled for next month.

According to reports, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Samsung’s Mobile division chief, JK Shin met at New York last week. The meet was planned for settling the ongoing patent trail between the two companies outside the court, but several Korean News agency report otherwise. According to Chosun, one of Korea’s famous national daily, Samsung co-CEO JK Shin was expected to fly out to US for the meet in the coming weeks before the trial. However, given that he is still in Korea and has no plans to leave the country before the trial, Chosun hints that the meet is already over and did not bear any fruit.

Last month, both Apple and Samsung agreed to at least talk for a resolution with regard to the patent infringement trial. However, just like their previous encounters, this one too did not make any significant progress. Back in 2012, Tim Cook had met Samsung’s then CEO Choi Gee Sung to talk about the patent trial. However, they failed to come to a resolution as Samsung declined to accept Apple’s demand to pay patent Royalties.

Apple has accused Samsung of copying their design of iPhone and iPad while Samsung has always declined the accusation saying that any touch screen based device would naturally feature a similar design. However, in the last two years, Samsung has paid around a billion dollars for various patent infringement cases to Apple which shows that these cases are not going in favor of the South Korean giant.

A possible truce outside the court is the most ideal solution to this problem as both the companies are losing millions of dollars in terms of lawyer fees, court rulings and other court related fees. It was reported that Apple paid over $60 million to lawyers alone for the fight with Samsung which clearly indicates how much money both the companies are losing.

However, neither one of them is budging which finally takes things to the court. The second major patent trail between the two is all set to take place next month which may also include Apple’s Chief of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller as a witness. Stay tuned for more information on the trial.

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