“Anti-Aging” Pill SeroVital™-hgh Gets Overwhelming Response in The New York Times Magazine

Everybody’s talking about human growth hormone (hGH). It’s been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox NewsCNNThe Dr. Oz Show, and in Shape magazine and Vanity Fair. And hGH is rapidly becoming the hottest new “it” treatment among Hollywood A-Listers due to its touted ability to reduce wrinkles, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, boost energy, rev up sex drive, and make you look and feel decades — not years, but DECADES — younger. So when The New York Times Magazine — long-known as a major trend-setter — published information about a revolutionary new oral growth hormone booster called SeroVital™-hgh in its March 24, 2013 issue, it’s no surprise the response was completely overwhelming.

“When you open up the magazine to a two-page spread announcing the commercial availability of an oral growth hormone booster called SeroVital-hgh, you can imagine the stir it created,” says Chantelle Daines , spokesperson for SanMedica International™, SeroVital’s distributor. “We’ve been getting inundated with calls from people who saw SeroVital in the magazine and want to learn more. We’re getting such a huge response, in fact, that we’ve had to hire more people to help us handle all the phone calls!”

Although SeroVital-hgh has only been available for about six months, it’s already been featured in Shape, on Radar Online, and on New York Live, and makeup artists have been gushing about it in magazines like Star and OK!

SeroVital first began making headlines when the results of the double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on its highly specialized, proprietary, patent-pending key compound were presented for the first time at The Obesity Society’s most recent Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. At this exclusive conference, a group of some of the most renowned research scientists in the world revealed that this tiny little pill was actually capable of increasing mean, serum (blood) growth hormone levels… by an astounding 682%.

This was big news, because up until this time the best way to increase hGH levels was through expensive prescription injections (costs can run as high as $1500 per month). In addition to their high cost, synthetic hGH injections are also extremely controversial, because some experts fear that introducing synthetic hGH into the body may upset the natural production of hGH.

That’s what makes SeroVital so revolutionary. Rather than introducing synthetic hGH into the body like the injections do, SeroVital raises the body’s own, natural levels of human growth hormone by promoting pituitary health, the gland that manufactures hGH. SeroVital has not only made it more affordable for people to raise their hGH levels, but has given them a clinically proven way to raise them naturally.

Of course, some skeptics are saying SeroVital sounds too good to be true. So is there a catch? Well, there are three. First, as with hGH injections, SeroVital-hgh is not a “magic bullet” but one part of a healthy lifestyle choice including a sensible diet and exercise regimen. And, just like hGH injections, you have to remember to renew your monthly supply.

Second, you have to take SeroVital-hgh on an empty stomach. That means you either have to take it first thing in the morning and then not eat anything for two hours, or take it at night, at least two hours after your last meal… before you go to bed.

And last but not least, while SeroVital is far less expensive than prescription hGH injections, it’s still not cheap… SeroVital will cost you about $100 a month. But is it worth it? To most people, reducing wrinkles, decreasing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass, strengthening bones, boosting mood, while giving you plenty of energy and improving sex drive is a no brainer. However, make no mistake about it, the “established” medical community would say its benefits are largely anecdotal, with research that’s preliminary. But there’s no denying that something that has a chance of making you look and feel decades, not years, but DECADES younger, is… at the very least… irresistible.

If you missed seeing SeroVital in The New York Times Magazine, you’re not completely out of luck. SeroVital-hgh is currently available at select Ulta stores, and will be available on a limited basis at prestige retailers across the U.S. If you can’t wait, try ordering it directly from the manufacturer at www.SeroVital.com or 1-800-591-0536. Use promo code NYT1 at checkout and get free shipping.*

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