Anonymous Launches Assault Operation Against Donald Trump

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Hacking collective Anonymous is back and US President-elect Donald Trump is on its radar yet again. The collective was silent for some time now following its #OpTrump. But it is back and ready to take down the President-elect as he gears for his January 20 inauguration. Anonymous recently launched a series of tweets calling on its supporters to use the resources that Anonymous gave them. It wants them to step up, get Trump and leak information about him. Not much is known about what these resources are. However, it claimed that some of the information pertaining to Trump will soon be public. Many believe that this information pertains to Trump’s Russian connections.

An article in the International Business Times states that the hacktivists accused the President-elect of having financial connections with Russian mobsters, child-traffickers and money launderers. They started tweeting about Trump and his connections after the President-elect questioned if John Brennan, outgoing CIA chief was the ‘leaker of fake news’ in one of his tweets. Anonymous then started a tweet storm, which first claimed of Trump and Russia connections.

It then tweeted a message warning him of upcoming leaks, states an article in Independent. “This isn’t the 80s any longer, information doesn’t vanish, it is all out there,” the account said in one of the tweets. “You are going to regret the next 4 years,” it added. It then continued to tweet a bunch of updates and old news pertaining to Donald Trump.

Anonymous Vs Trump

This is not the first time that Anonymous targeted Trump. In 2015, it declared a war on the business Moghul after he first spoke about banning Muslims from entering the United States. The hacktivists had broken into the website of one of his properties then, states another Independent report. Shutting down his websites with DDoS attack was part of the #OpTrump campaign.

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