Android L significantly improves battery life on Nexus 5

Android L significantly improves battery life on Nexus 5Android has evolved to a great extent over the past few years, however, one place its lacking compared to other operating systems is the battery life. The OS has been repeatedly criticized for draining the battery from devices, and in fact, it is said that many users shift to other operating systems because of poor battery performance.

However, things are going to change with the upcoming Android L version. It brings a whole new interface to the operating system along with better power management tools to improve the battery life of the device.

Google recently revealed that the company did a lot of testing in regards to this problem, and it even found that ‘one’ second of screen wake up drained almost ‘two’ minutes of standby time. This was mainly because every time the device was unlocked, the OS would run the processor and even check for an internet connection to load updates. This was clearly an inefficient way of managing apps, and the company decided to change this in Android L.

The update brings about a number of changes in the process of waking up and loading a device. It even manages apps and tasks effectively by not loading them every time the device wakes up, thereby saving precious battery life. Also, when there’s no network connection, the device won’t look for internet connectivity.

These small changes look good on paper, but does it really improve battery life? While the company has not yet released the final version of the OS, it did release a preview version recently. So the folks over at ARS Technica decided to check out whether Google’s Android L lives up to its expectations.

Surprisingly, it did. According to their findings, the Nexus 5 used in the experiment ran for 345 minutes until it died out on Android 4.4 kitkat. After this, they flashed the developer preview version that was made available for Nexus 5 devices a while back and carried out the same activities that they did on Kitkat. The Nexus 5 running on Android L ran out of juice after 471 minutes of run time, which is a shocking 36% improvement. This means they got an additional 2 hours on the new Android version.

This is definitely good news for all Android users (who will be getting the update later this year), as the results proved that they would get significantly better battery life from their devices.

So, Android L could finally be the ultimate update that everyone was waiting for all this time. The improved battery, along with a refined interface, makes this update probably the best Android version yet.

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