Anderson Cooper Slams Kellyanne Conway On Live TV

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CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper. got involved in a heated argument with Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.  The bickering started when Cooper asked Conway if Trump got briefed on the allegations that Russia has gathered detrimental information about him.  Kellyanne Conway denied these rumors that Trump had first hand knowledge of this two-page report.  The report contained the briefing about the Russian cyber attacks that are especially for Obama and Trump.  

What the argument was about

Anderson Cooper insisted that Conway conflated CNN’s report with Buzzfeed.  It also contained the controversial information about Trump collected by the Russians, reports CNN.  It reveals how Trump allegedly helped the Russian officials to destroy his political opponents during the election period, reports CNN.  Cooper confronted Conway about it.  She instead went on to rant about the CNN headline.  It read, ”Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian effort to compromise him.”  This, she thinks, is in bad taste.

Cooper defended CNN for its news writing.  He scolded Conway that CNN and Buzzfeed are incomparable.  He also told Conway that it is unbelievable how she can dismiss it, not knowing for sure if it’s accurate or not, according to Media Ite.  The CNN anchor insisted that CNN is not Buzzfeed.  Conway believes that the two are similar and have a lot in common.  Cooper got so frustrated with Trump’s campaign manager for changing the subject, too.  He even told her that she can’t stick to what they’re presently talking about.

Conway believes that she does not expect CNN to be accountable for any false information they report.  However, Cooper has pointed out a few sources.  These can vouch for the authenticity of their reporting.  It is also unfair and disingenuous to compare CNN’s reporting to that of Buzzfeed’s.  This is not the first time though that the two had a misunderstanding.  Even on live television.  Last year, they also argued about bullying and other important matters.

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