Anand Shimpi, founder of Anandtech retires from journalism, rumored to join Apple

Anand Shimpi, founder of Anandtech retires from journalism, rumored to join AppleAnand Shimpi, the founder of the famous tech review website, AnandTech retires from journalism. He was known for his detailed review and information on tech products in the market, especially CPUs, video cards and motherboards. His in depth knowledge about computers and his ability to write exceptionally detailed product reviews made him a popular figure among readers and companies alike and people often consider him as one of the tech titans in the tech industry.

While he announced his retirement from tech journalism, Re/Code reports that he will still be an integral part of the tech world as he will soon join one of the biggest tech giants in the industry, Apple. We still don’t know what role he’ll be joining the company, but given his tremendous knowledge and experience about tech products and his contacts in the industry, it would most likely be as a strategist.

Anand’s rise to fame has not been a fast process. He started his website, AnandTech around 17 years back, when he was just 14 years old. Soon his honest reviews and detailed comments about CPUs and motherboards started gaining readership. Eventually, his website started covering a whole new range of tech products like SSDs, smartphones and notebooks in detail.

His reviews are considered as one of the best in the industry as he evaluates every little details about a new product and does not fear to trash them if they don’t live up to his expectations.

In a farewell post on the website, Anand mentions that his retirement from journalism (and consequently from the Anandtech website) has nothing to do with business or health concerns. In fact, he says that the traffic on the website is strong and he too is in good shape. But, he wanted a change, something different from his current venture that didn’t force him to fly 130,000 miles every year. So he decided to retire from journalism.

With his retirement, Ryan Smith will take over the position of the editor in chief of the website. His blog post said that Ryan has over 10 years experience working with AnandTech and he has been shadowing Anand for the past two years. So, he’s fully confident in Ryan’s abilities.

Anand’s retirement is seriously a big loss to the tech journalism world, but given that he’s just 32, you can expect to see a lot more of him as an important figure in the industry, if not as a tech journalist.

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