Americans Think “Mp3” Is The Robot From Star Wars, Study Says

Technical terms are apparently not America’s cup of tea, this according to a study with participants ages 18 and above. The study wanted to present how familiar individuals were with seemingly common tech terms – and instead, the study drew out interesting and rather amusing results.


This is not “Mp3” from Star Wars. Meet C-3PO.

Sponsored by Vouchercloud, the study surveyed 2,392 participants from which the following results were derived:

  • 11% of the participants believed that a HTML was a Sexually Transmitted Disease, like AIDS. It is in fact the basic coding language of the internet.
  • 27% of those in the study thought that a Gigabyte was an insect commonly found in South America. Gigabyte is the full form of GB, used to measure amounts of data and data speeds.
  • A whopping 42% reported that a motherboard was the deck you see on a cruise ship. It is actually the crucial chip board found in CPUs.
  • 18% of participants confused the Blu-Ray with a manta ray, which is a marine animal. While definitely not in the sea, you can find Blu-Ray discs among your high definition movie DVD collection.
  • 23% of those in the study also confused MP3 with C-3PO from Star Wars.
  • 12% of the participants assumed that USB was a European country, when in fact, it is a connector.
  • 15% thought that Software was a clothing line. When really, software is the general word used for computer programs.
  • 77% of them did not even know what SEO was – it’s the practice which WebPages use to gain views.

The results of the study are truly hilarious, with many claiming that they are thankful that the participants represent an incredibly small percentage of Americans. But even then, the numbers do point out the need to be more literate tech-wise, which is ironic since 61% of the respondents said that it is important to have a good knowledge of technology.

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