Amazon Web TV Box may release by March 2014

Last year, AllThingsD had reported that the rumored Amazon TV box will not hit the markets in 2013. Naturally fans were disappointed and without any particular date given by the company, people started to make speculations that Amazon would finally reveal it this year.

Looks like the speculations were quite true as a new report reveals that Amazon will launch its Web TV box, sometime around March this year. The release of the so called TV box would put the company in direct competition with companies like Apple and Roku who have their own streaming boxes.

The idea of Amazon releasing its own Web TV box actually sounds promising given that the ecommerce giant has a lot of stuff to offer to its customers. Titles from Amazon Instant Video and direct music streaming to the user’s home theatre system might be some of the features that the box could come with.

The report adds that it would run on a forked version of Android OS, quite similar to the one found on the company’s Kindle lineup. This would also mean that the user will have access to thousands of apps on the Amazon app store, enhancing his overall experience.

The box may even allow users to play games, just like Ouya console released last year. The report does not mention about this, but given that Amazon has always released value for money products, it’s quite likely that the box would come with an additional feature like gaming. Earlier, there were reports about Amazon developing a gaming console and this, to be announced streaming box might just be the device that these rumors were talking about. Finally, reports that Amazon is hiring game developers further points facts at this direction.

In the past few years, Amazon has stepped up its streaming content. The company has published more than 14 original TV pilots in the past and has used feedback from users to decide which one of them should be converted into full time shows. The company has even bagged exclusive right for some shows like Downton Abbey and The West Wing, all of which indicates that the company is working hard to improve the content for its users.

However, apart from the standard media streaming and an additional gaming component, the Web TV box could do a lot more. For example, Michael Wolf, a technology analyst believes that the console could come with smart home control functions, a feature not explored by other streaming devices in the market. This could really put Amazon right up front in the market, which is pretty much what the company will be hoping for.

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