Amazon unveils Fire TV video streaming box for $99

Amazon unveils Fire TV video streaming box for $99After nearly months of rumors and leaks, Amazon has finally unveiled a video streaming box called FireTV. This will be the first such living room device from the company and it comes with plenty of features such as video streaming, voice search, gaming capabilities and third party app support.

Amazon aims to solve three main problems with this new launch namely search performance and closed ecosystem. The basic strategy of the company is to equip this low cost set up box with a powerful hardware. FireTV comes with a quad core processor and 2GB RAM which makes it around three times faster than any other rivals in the market.

The set up box will reportedly allow users to search for content with the lowest price from a variety of content sources. However, at the moment, this search feature will only be available Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus. According to the company, users are currently paying way more for content than they have to and this feature will help them get their favorite movies and shows at the cheapest rates.

Further, Fire TV will support a number of apps like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo,, and the NBA which will make sure that the user has plenty of content to choose from. This also solves the problem of a closed ecosystem, as seen in rival products in the same segment.

One can directly start watching videos online or can even save them for later on the setup box. Amazon has also added some extra apps like Amazon Photos app which can show the images backed up to Amazon Cloud Drive directly on the TV. Also, the X-Ray app as seen on Amazon’s Kindle series tablets will be compatible with the new setup box.

As rumored, Fire TV would also support gaming. The recently leaked gamepad for the device will be available for purchase for $40 and will come with 1,000 Amazon coins. These coins can be used to purchase games to play on the device. Amazon claims that they have priced these games decently and average price for these games will only be around $1.85, which is pretty cheap.

However, users who don’t like to pay for games can play around with over 1,000 free games for the device. Of course, these games won’t be console quality, but still, it would be good enough for a few hours of play.

And like other Kindle products, the Amazon Fire TV setup box is priced decently and will be available for sale starting today for $99.

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