Amazon Subsidiary Launches Free Overnight Shipping Services in Three Markets

Amazon Subsidiary Launches Free Overnight Shipping Services in Three MarketsConsumers who need to have basic household supplies delivered conveniently right to their doorsteps can have something to rave about today. Quidsi, a subsidiary of Amazon, is launching its free overnight shipping service to three major metro areas in the US. Those are New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

What most consumers in the identified areas would be happier about is the fact that the service would be offered for free. However, there is a requirement for each order to be at least $49 to qualify for the free shipment offer. The purchase orders should be placed on selected sites operated by Quidsi. Those include,, and

According to observers, the decision to initially involve the three online sites operated by Quidsi was quite logical. Those websites obviously carry more urgently needed products or supplies. Those include baby care products (diapers and wipes), pet supplies (dog or cat food), and household essentials (detergent and toiletries).

Service scope

It should also be clear that overnight deliver is not limited to the municipal borders of the identified cities. The service is carried out in other zip codes for wider metro areas. A customer has to first check if his/her zip code is within the serviceable area range identified in each center.

Those who are living outside specified and identified zip codes could still enjoy the free shipping offer. However, delivery of the purchased goods would not be facilitated and  completed overnight. Instead, shipment would be done within a day or two.

Other possibilities

Moreover, Quidsi shoppers could also access shared shopping carts with other websites of the business. Those sites may include toy website, beauty supplier, and organic store But these websites, to be clear, are not included in the current free and overnight shipping deal.

Quidsi also clarified and emphasized that this offer would last a long time. It would last longer than the holiday, contrary to speculations that the offer would only stand until the
holiday shopping season. It is also expected that the service range and coverage would expand soon.

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