Amazon smartphone to be AT&T exclusive

Amazon smartphone to be AT&T exclusiveMany rumors in the past have suggested that Amazon is working on a new smartphone and the company will most likely debut this device at tomorrow’s event. Images and specifications of the phone have already been leaked and today, the Wall Street Journal adds that the Amazon smartphone would be AT&T exclusive.

This is not that surprising given that many manufacturers in the past have resorted to an exclusive carrier launch to reduce the cost of marketing and selling the device. Most of the times, the carrier share these costs which reduces the risk of the failure of the phone. So Amazon’s exclusive partnership with AT&T will not come as a surprise.

Also, AT&T has partnered up with Amazon in the past for providing internet access to the company’s Kindle devices. So, Amazon could continue this partnership with the upcoming smartphone. However, the news is not yet confirmed and whether Wall Street Journal was right this time or not will only be known after tomorrow’s event.

It is also not known whether Amazon would allow customers to order the device online. And if the company allows this, it would most likely be an off contract device. However, the sales would be much higher for a device with contract given that the contract devices are much subsidized than off contract ones.

As mentioned above, some of the specifications of the device were leaked earlier and the leak suggests that the upcoming Amazon phone would come with four front cameras, some of which could be used for the rumored 3D interface. Rumors about Amazon working on a 3D phone have been circulating on the internet since last year and recent leaks also reveal a possible 3D user interface on the phone.

Other than the 3D aspect and the interface, the other specifications of the phone are pretty decent. The phone is expected to come with a 4.7inch display with 720p resolution along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB RAM. Unfortunately, no other hardware details of the device are known as of now.

Along with a unique eye tracking 3D interface, Amazon is also expected to price the device aggressively like the company has did in the past few years with its Kindle Lineup. Amazon would most likely sell the device for minimum profit and instead concentrate on the virtual services and subscriptions offered by the company.

Luckily, you won’t have to wait long to get official details about the smartphone as tomorrow’s event will most likely showcase the device.

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