Amazon rumored to be working on Android console

Amazon rumored to be working on Android consoleIt seems Amazon will be hopping on the bandwagon of rumored companies working on a mobile gaming console. The report comes from Game Informer sources who claim to have knowledge of “in-development hardware” inside Amazon.

According to the sources, Amazon will develop its own controller, will use Amazon’s small line of Android gaming apps and the console will be released on Black Friday, to grab stacks of buyers shopping on Amazon.

The company may not be serious about entering the console market; other sources have said the company is only showing off the potential of the gaming console. Google and Apple were both rumored to be making footsteps in the mobile gaming world with a console, but neither has made any attempts.

Amazon does not seem like the optimum challenger against Ouya, GameStick and Nvidia Shield. The only feature Amazon really has to offer is an incredible line of content, but that is mostly books and movies.

We can see it being easier for Amazon to work with game developers or possibly add a video game studio to work on first party titles exclusively for the Amazon console. Amazon has been a juggernaut in the book publishing market, because of its openness to writers; it could do the same for Android developers looking for a less saturated library.

There is business to be made in the mobile console world, but with the Xbox One, PS4 and Steam Box all prepping a release date later this year, Amazon would not be in the best position to offer out a low-spec Android console.

In addition, Amazon will have to go up against the Ouya console on price, the Game Stick on portability and the Nvidia Shield on scope and features. It is a hard market to compete in when there is already valid options available.

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