Amazon Reportedly Tests Its Own Wireless Network

Amazon Reportedly Tests Its Own Wireless has reportedly run a test of its own high-speed spectrum wireless network, according to sources. It is not clear whether that trial is still running. However, that test has reportedly been conducted in the company’s Lab 126 research facility on Cupertino, California.

If the reported project would push through, the company would dig deeper into the technology that enables users to connect online. That would mark its further diversification from just being a hardware manufacturer and a Web destination. It would also assure Amazon customers of better and more comprehensive user experiences.

Amazon would not be the first Internet firm to test the technology that would allow entry into the Web gateway. Before it, rival Google Inc has already launched its own high-speed Internet service using fiber optic technology in 17 cities across the US including Kansas City; Provo, Utah; and Austin, Texas.

Digging deeper into technology

Amazon has been digging deeper into the lucrative wireless services for many years now. Aside from just being an e-commerce store, the company now competes with Apple Inc, Samsung Electronics, and BlackBerry as a tablet manufacturer (through its Kindle). Amazon is also competing with Google for its app store.

According to reports, Amazon is aiming to become a one-stop online shop for more consumers. Its Kindle devices already feature Internet connectivity through the same data network that caters to smartphones. Those tablets could also connect to Wi-Fi. It is now apparent that the company aims for more. Thus, it is believed to be jumping into the bandwagon for wireless Internet service provision.

Partner Globalstar

The wireless network that Amazon tested reportedly used the spectrum owned by Globalstar Inc, a satellite communications firm. Globalstar is still seeking approval from the US Federal Communications Commission for the conversion of 80% of its satellite spectrum into terrestrial use. It lodged the application to render Wi-Fi similar services in November last year. The FCC decision about the application would be handed in the coming months.

If the company obtains that regulatory approval, it may lease its spectrum so that it could share service revenues with potential partners. Because there is scarcity in the current availability of wireless spectrums, Globalstar’s converted spectrum, if approved, could gain more interest from more cable businesses and carriers. It would also be a go-signal for Amazon to pursue its goals to become a wireless carrier in the future.

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