Amazon Prime Music revealed: Ad Free music streaming for Prime members

Amazon Prime Music revealed: Ad Free music streaming for Prime membersIn the past few weeks, several rumors suggested that Amazon was going to launch a free music streaming service to rival competitors like Spotify and Pandora. Although these initial rumors sounded too good to be true, looks like they were bang on target as Amazon officially announced the free music streaming service, called the Prime Music along with the revamped Amazon Music brand for its prime customers.

With the launch of the Amazon Music, everything that is related to music will come under this brand name. So, later today, Amazon MP3 store and Cloud apps will be replaced by the Amazon Music app. The functionality of these two apps will remain the same, but they will be integrated directly into the new Music app. The Prime Music streaming service too will be available right from this app.

Amazon’s Prime Music has over 1 million songs to start with, and the company claims that it is in talks with major music labels to increase this figure. Amazon has retained the same design profile as its other prime services and all the songs and albums that are eligible for streaming are tagged with a ‘Prime’ badge.

There are many well-known artists in the song catalog including ones like Daft Punk, Foo Fighters, Madonna, and Bruno Mars. But still the 1 million figure is quite low as compared to competitors like Spotify. Amazon has not yet managed to secure a contract for music streaming for artists from Universal Studios and given that they are the largest music company in the world, many great artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga won’t feature on the streaming list. But, Amazon says that it is still in talks with Universal Studio, which may mean that songs from these artists may make it to the service in the future.

Amazon has also launched a Prime Playlist service which is basically a list of songs curated and sorted by Amazon. It is being said that a team of music experts handle this job of finding the right kind of songs for a particular playlist. So anyone who’s not in a mood to find their own music can play songs from a particular playlist.

Prime Music is totally free for Prime customers and users will be able to enjoy their music without any intrusive advertisements. Moreover, they can play a song any number of times they want and can even download them for listening later, when they may not have an internet connection.

In short, Prime Music adds value to the $99/ year Prime membership and makes the subscription even more attractive.

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