Amazon mystery box spotted in San Francisco Plaza

Amazon mystery box spotted in San Francisco PlazaAmazon has made some weird experiments in the past, like testing package delivery via drones and this time around, the company may be involved in a similar unknown venture. In order to tease customers before its big event later today, Amazon has parked a large yellow locker in San Francisco.

Yes, the company has literally placed a rectangular locker, which looks like the giant version of its existing delivery lockers in downtown San Francisco Plaza, a place where hundreds of people usually pass by every day. So, it’s obvious that Amazon wants to attract people’s attention, but what it plans to do with this large yellow box is still not sure.

The box is big, in fact big enough to fit a car. Some even say that there may be a small sized car inside. And if it turns out to be true, this won’t be the first time an Amazon box came with a car inside. A few months back, around January, a reddit user had spotted a very large Amazon box. The user even posted a picture on reddit. However many thought that the image was photoshopped and even said that Amazon would never deliver such a large box. But to everyone’s surprise, Amazon later confirmed that the box was real and it contained a Nissan Versa Note. Amazon was delivering that box as a part of a special promotion in collaboration with Nissan. So, this could be something like that.

But the large box could also be one of the delivery lockers of the company. Amazon has been using this particular concept to deliver packages in many cities and the event held today could announce the giant expansion of this service. These delivery lockers are placed at convenient places, like retail stores or parking garages and Amazon customers can get their packages from their lockers. Once the company delivers the package to these special lockers, it will send a special drawer code to the customer using which he or she can get their package.

The event could also shed some light on Amazon’s own delivery service called as ‘Last Mile’. Amazon’s job listing for the service said that the company was growing faster than its traditional logistic partners and was looking to launch its own delivery system. So the event to be held later today could reveal a new delivery system from the company.

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