Amazon Fire Phone is hard to repair according to iFixit

Amazon Fire Phone is hard to repair according to iFixitAmazon Fire phone, which went for pre-order last month, is finally making it to customers.  iFixit, the company known for its detailed tear downs, managed to get their hands on a unit and we can imagine what follows.

On Thursday, the company posted a live tear down of the handset on their blog. Taking the device apart was a tedious task according to the folks over at iFixit, which means Amazon Fire Phone is hard to repair.

iFixit got a unit which did not have the AT&T branding on its back. Instead, there was only a large Amazon logo on the back shell, much like the iPhone. The phone is even built like the iPhone with  non-proprietary screws holding the back cover of the phone.

The initial part of taking apart the back shell was pretty easy. Amazon has fitted the device with T3 non-proprietary screws, so getting into the device was the easiest part. However, things get harder after this. There are a lot of interconnected cables and pull tabs, which makes removing things like the battery a tedious task. But iFixit notes that if the DIY user is careful enough, the adhesive tabs on the battery come out smoothly.

Once the battery is removed, you’ll see a lot of cables and connectors, which will make disassembly hard. Moreover, many components in the phone share cables, which according to iFixit will increase the cost of

The four cameras up front are enclosed into the display assembly, which means if anything goes wrong with the display, you’ll have to replace the entire assembly with those cameras. The extra cameras will increase the cost of display replacement, which further brings down the reparability score of the device. The only other option is to separate the cameras from the display, which will further require a lot of precision and effort from your side.

iFixit did confirm many of the specifications of the phone. The tear down revealed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core SoC with Adreno 330 GPU. Further, there were many other components from Qualcomm like the radio frequency, power amplifier, audio, and Wi-Fi chips. The 32GB NAND memory as well as the 2GB DRAM was from Samsung while the communication chips were from NXP.

After the tear down, iFixit gave Amazon Fire Phone a score of 3 out of 10 for reparability, which less than the score given to the recent iPhone models.

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