All New HTC One 2014 to be available minutes after launch

The all new HTC One has been leaked plenty of times over the last few months. There have been video reviews, image leaks, brochures from retailers and many such information released way before its official launch, which makes it one of the most leaked devices of the year. While, many would have assumed that now more information will be available only after its official launch on March 25th, a new report gives information about the availability of the device in the UK market. While most of the earlier leaks focused on the phone’s specs, this particular report throws light on the availability of the phone for the first time.

According to Carphone Warehouse, the all new HTC One (2014) will be available for sale around 4pm on March 25. This means that the device would be available for grabs right after the announcement, which if true, would be the first time something like this happens. The retailer further adds that these handsets would be directly transported to select locations in UK from the launch venue.

There are 6 key Carphone Warehouse locations where the phone will be available first. They are as follows: Westfield Stratford, Westfield White City, Oxford Circus, Centrepoint, Tottenham Court Road stores and Selfridges. Out of these, the first 5 locations will have a special launch event.

So, in short, anyone who is around London at the time of launch can buy the 2014 HTC One right from Carphone Warehouse. The retailer even says that a customer can order it on phone first, before the device officially becomes available in all of six mentioned stores.

“The HTC One is an award winning handset that set the bar for design during 2012 and made many sit up and take notice – the new HTC One M8 is likely to continue that trend and will cement HTC’s future as a heavy-hitting smartphone manufacturer,” said a spokesperson for Carphone Warehouse.

However, apart from the availability details, the retailer has not mentioned anything about the price. So, one might have to wait for a few days more until the company announces it officially. Also, it is still unknown whether just Carphone Warehouse will stock the new One on the launch day. Given that the retailer is the only one in the country to give information about such a launch, it’s possible that the launch day availability option might just be limited to Carphone Warehouse.

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