Alibaba To Bring One Million Jobs To US, Ma Promises Trump

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/MarketWatch | Donald Trump and Jack Ma plans to bring millions of jobs to the U.S. Photo Credit: Twitter/MarketWatch

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides consumer to consumer, business to consumer, and business to business sales via web portals.  It is one of the most visited websites in the world.  Recently, Executive Chairman Jack Ma visited President-elect Donald Trump and talked about business on Monday.

According to an Alibaba spokesperson, the company plans to involve one million U.S. small businesses to its platform to sell to Chinese customers.  This action would propel millions of jobs to Americans because each company adds a corporate position.  After the meeting, the two emerged from the Trump tower in New York, assuring reporters that they had a “great meeting”.  Jack Ma regards Trump as someone smart and open-minded.

Alibaba and Donald Trump: The business plan

Jack Ma also revealed that he and Trump talked about supporting small businesses in the Midwest like the farmers and small-time clothing makers.  He said that they could penetrate the Chinese market through the Alibaba platform, reports Reuters.  Ma also wants to include the selling of wine and fruit through Alibaba.  Alibaba’s Tmall online shops also offers electronic payment portals that are convenient for the buyers, as well as virtual stores where consumers can peruse the products.  

Alibaba has always aggressively pursued foreign brands to help with its Tmall stores, according to The Herald Sun.  It also plans to expand on U.S. soil.  In fact, it already has a headquarters in New York City.  But, to make this work, Jack Ma believes that China and the United States need to improve their relationship, according to Business Insider.

Jack Ma is a Chinese citizen.  He is the founder and chairman of the Alibaba Group, a family of internet-based businesses.   Ma is the first Chinese to ever appear on the cover of Forbes magazine.  He is fluent in English, a skill he possesses from years of practice.

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