Aleppo Evacuation Delayed: Iran And Assad Accused Of Conspiracy

Victims of the Syrian war wait for evacuation procedures. Photo Credit: Twitter/anonintel_adm

Aleppo evacuation delayed until Thursday. The opposition officials blame it on a disagreement between Iran and the Shi’ite militias. These Shi’ite militias are allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The officials who are responsible for the evacuation cannot be reached for comment.  

A military official allied with Assad said they released the starting times of the of evacuation last Tuesday. The evacuation was to begin at 5:30 A.M. (0300 GMT), however, no one had left during this time. Twenty buses were waiting to move into the rebel districts, but nothing happened. 

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Aleppo Evacuation:  The Obstacles That Causes More Deaths

The opposition groups blame this Aleppo evacuation delayed to the Shi’ite militias for obstructing the process, according to The Washington Post. About 6,000 civilians and 366 fighters were to leave the rebel districts yesterday. They were getting ready, packing their bags and even burning personal possessions for fear of looting by the Syrian army and the Iranian-allied militias.

The Aleppo evacuation planning came two weeks after the Syrian army drove the insurgents back from their strongholds. This is due to the airstrikes and artillery fire that started on Wednesday. By doing this, President Assad has once again taken over Aleppo and proved his power.  

The rebel groups have the support of the United States, Turkey and Gulf monarchies. But, with Assad taking over, they may not enjoy the full benefits of that support, reports Reuters.  

News of the delay has already reached France and it insists on the involvement of the United Nations as Aleppo evacuation delayed. The United Nations, however, claimed their non-involvement in evacuating the fighters and civilians from Aleppo, but they are willing to provide assistance.  

Presently, in the eastern part of Aleppo, many residents now sleep in the streets, braving a storm that started on Tuesday. After fleeing, they simply have nowhere to stay.

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