Airlines Lift US Flights Electronics Ban

A few airlines will now have lighter security measures when it comes to bringing gadgets on flights to the US. Airlines from the Middle East and North America that offer direct flights to the US now passengers to carry laptops after the ban last spring.

The Department of Homeland Security said recently that the ban on laptop at flights will be removed if security measures at airports increase within the coming days and weeks, reports CNN. As of now, there are six airlines that operate for the US from the Middle East that allow laptops.

The ban has been lifted for passengers who are coming from Istanbul, Turkey; Doha, Qatar; Amman; Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The airports and airlines at the said areas have recently implemented better security measures in their own way. Still, there are a few areas that still implement the ban on the electronic device. Specifically, the ban remains in effect for US-bound flights coming from airports in Cairo, Egypt; Casablance Morocco and Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

NBC News reports that DHS Secretary John Kelly noted that airlines can be free of the ban if they adhere to the newly imposed security directives. The new imposed security measures include stricter passenger screening, increase of bomb-sniffing dogs and better security measures.

He adds that the electronic ban will not extend to Europe and other areas with US-bound flights, but that is if they adhere to the newly imposed security directives. If they fail to do so, the US could fine them. Worst case scenario: the US government might ban electronic devices for both carry-on and luggage. Other airlines have yet to release a statement regarding their thoughts on the demands of the US government.

Hopefully, the ban gets lifted in several areas as not being able to bring electronics such as laptops can be bothersome, especially for those going on business trips.

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