Adorable Puppies Rescued From Rigopiano Hotel 5 Days After Avalanche

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Elliot Wagland | Rescuers save five adorable puppies in Rigopiano Hotel in Italy. Photo Credit: Twitter/Elliot Wagland

Five days ago, a massive avalanche hit the Rigiopano Hotel in Farindola, Central Italy. There were nine people who survived, but 23 are still missing. Emergency rescuers also found 3 live white Abrizzo puppies in the rubble. This discovery gave them renewed hope in finding more survivors.

The rescuers took out the puppies from the pile of debris. Firefighter Fabio German said that the pups were in such a state that shows the snow can sustain human life, as well. The rescuers are hopeful that the missing ones may survive in air pockets under the debris. And, the snow will insulate them from subzero temperatures. They discovered the puppies in the boiler room. They also plan to have the puppies checked by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

The death toll has now risen to 7 people. So, they continue to shovel and use saws to get rid of tons of snow that flattened the mountain resort and look for the missing. They are now considering using heavy equipment as time is running out, according to BBC.

The hotel manager, Bruno Di Tommaso, reportedly told officials in an email that guests were complaining of frequent quakes that day. They were also prevented from leaving through snow drifts. But, an avalanche is impossible. According to the officials, the area is not prone to such an event, reports Evening Standard.

Looking for signs of life

Presently, shafts were dug into the snow and concrete. This allows the rescuers access inside the damaged hotel. They also use electronic probes to get into narrower areas, listen to the littlest noise and some sign of life.

The rescuers also made safety a priority and secured themselves, in fear of a new avalanche. They already have escape routes planned out and tracking devices attached to each member.

This is not the first time Italy got hit by a tragedy. On August 2016, an earthquake hit Amatrice. Then Camerino and Norcia in October. There were no survivors.

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