Adoption Rate for OS X Mavericks Jumps to 5.5% in Just 24 Hours

Adoption Rate for OS X Mavericks Jumps to 5.5 percentApple Inc’s strategy to give away OS X Mavericks to its users could be taking its intended effect. That is indicated by the faster customer adoption of the latest desktop operating system from the company. In the first 24 hours after its release, the software adoption was up to four times higher than adoption rate of its predecessor in its first 24 hours.

About 5.5% of Mac users installed OS X Mavericks within the first day of availability. This data is according to online ad network Chitika. In comparison, OS X Mountain Lion was adopted by just 1.6% of OS X users during its first 24 hours of release in July last year.

This could logically be attributed to the pricing strategy. The software could have benefited from being offered for free across the market. If downloading OS X Mavericks does not cost even a dime, OS X Mountain Lion was sold for $19.99. It was clear then that Apple made its OS X Mountain Lion price cheaper compared to rival Microsoft Corp’s Windows 8 download.

Service delivery platform

When OS X Mavericks was launched last Tuesday, Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi declared that it would put an end to usually expensive upgrades of operating systems. He was standing in front of a projected image of the $199 Windows 8 Pro when he delivered that statement.

Furthermore, Mr. Federighi explained why the technology firm decided to make OS X Mavericks a free upgrade. According to him, Apple now intends to make the software a service delivery platform. That is a big shift from its recent view of its past operating systems as products. That approach has been vindicated by the robust response by the market.

Important update

OS X Mavericks could also be considered as an important software upgrade. That is because it contains numerous small tweaks that could effectively extend battery life as well as improve the memory of the Mac. It also comes with iBooks, new Maps app that features fly-over appearance, and bolstered support for numerous displays along with AirPlay-connected HDTVs.

Last month, data from Chitika also indicated that Apple’s iOS 7 was adopted by up to 18% of all iOS users 24 hours after it was initially released. However, a few days after, many users have started complaining about many issues that came with the mobile software update.

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