Acer may release a Windows Phone if Microsoft’s market share increases up to 15% in Europe

Acer, the Taiwanese hardware and electronics giant has revealed that the company is not willing to take risk by introducing a Windows Smartphone in the market. As a result, in the coming years, the company will most likely focus on Android for its smartphone lineup, unless Microsoft’s platform gains some momentum.

The last Windows device from Acer was the Acer W4, which was released back in 2011 but after that the company just scrapped plans for newer Windows Phone models. According to the company, the lack of apps on the platform and low consumer demand has forced it to take this decision.

While talking to the Inquirer, Acer’s Vice President of Smartphone division, Allen Burnes said that platform lacked many apps that are found on other operating systems like Android and iOS. For example, many banking apps are not present on Windows app store, which will definitely affect the decision of a user while purchasing the device.

Another major reason which affected the decision to not introduce windows phone was the lack of strong consumer demand. Sales are driven by strong demand and if a product does not have enough demand, it will struggle in the market.

He added that, “Consumer call is one of the reasons why we have no Windows Phone plans at present. While Windows Phone indexes at around seven percent in Europe, that’s not enough for us to take the risk.”

So, the company might just focus on Android devices this year. Acer revealed two new devices at MWC this week namely the Liquid Z4 and the Liquid E3 smartphones, both running on Google’s Android platform.

However, several analysts are suggesting that things are getting better for Microsoft. A recent research from ABI revealed that Windows Phone sales have more than doubled last year, which shows that the platform is growing at a decent pace. Apart from Nokia, Sony and Samsung are currently in talks with Microsoft for introducing a Windows device, so the growth should be faster this year.

If the share of Windows in the market increases at a steady pace like last year, Acer may actually think about a Windows Phone. Burnes did say that the company hasn’t completely dropped Windows Phone plans for the future, and if the share increases to around 15% in Europe, then the company may release a WP smartphone.

“We are having conversations with Microsoft, and if they index Windows Phone to 10 to 15 percent, we are interested,” said Allen in the interview.

So, one may find more Windows Phone devices hitting the market in the coming years from manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and possibly even Acer.

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