A Glimpse of 2013’s Holiday Season for Gaming

A Glimpse of 2013’s Holiday Season for GamingWith the 2013 holiday shopping season expected to be one of the largest releases for new electronic products, parents and die-hard video gamers are already planning a shopping strategy.

Each ‘holiday season’ a hot new electronic gadget, next-generation gaming system or popular game title comes onto the market in November and December. For many die-hard video game fans, the Holiday season entails standing in line for midnight releases and hunting the countryside for the latest next-generation consoles on the market. Information is available as early as June as company’s publish anticipated release dates for these new products up to a year in advance, creating even more hype for the following season.

The upcoming 2013 holiday season is scheduled to be one of largest releases for main companies Sony and Microsoft as they introduce two new generation systems into the gaming market. Alongside these console releases are a handful of new titles expected to be equally as high in demand.

During its November 17th launch in 2006, the Sony Playstation 3 sold over $170,500 in presales from the eBay website. The system was in such high demand that units were purchased for more than $2000 during the first week of sales. The entire Holiday season ending in January of 2007 saw over 1,000,000 unit’s ship around the globe. The Xbox 360 launched November 20, 2005 along with 18 new released game titles. The first month of sales Microsoft reported 326,000 units sold, topping that of the original Xbox.

While Microsoft and Sony have yet to announce an exact release date for each system, Sony reported that the Playstation 4 will be available for purchase in holiday season of 2013. In addition, Microsoft has stated Xbox One will be on shelves in November 2013. Many of the new titles releasing for these next-generation systems are also scheduled to release between October 2013 and January 2014.

Pre-sale trends are giving consumers a glimpse of the upcoming shopping season to come, with the number of pre-order systems already higher than that of any system either company has ever released. Xbox One presales have stopped for Gamestop, as the company has reached the maximum amount of systems allowed to be reserved though it is unclear whether or not Microsoft intends to increase pre-sale cut-offs due to the high demand.

For consumers planning to purchase one of these new gaming consoles holiday season 2013, it is expected that both systems will be a challenge to obtain without a presale. Retailers are generating systems to deal with the overwhelming amount of shoppers expected to be searching for the Playstation 4 or Xbox One during the months of November and December.

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