8.3-inch Android LG G Pad coming to IFA 2013

8.3-inch Android LG G Pad coming to IFA 2013It seems Samsung will have some competition for the headlines at IFA this year, with the Sony Honami already coming to the conference and now the LG G Pad is rumored to be released at the event.

LG decided to pull out the tablet market in 2011, after the Optimus Pad flopped and hit profits hard. This will be the first tablet from LG in two years and coincides with the big boost in Android tablet adoption.

According to sources, the LG G Pad will have an 8.3-inch display, an odd size for an Android tablet. The resolution will be the same as it is on the new Nexus 7, an impressive 1920 x 1200 resolution. With the larger size the pixel density will be a little lower.

Optimus Pad

The quad-core processor is left up to question, the leak has yet to figure out the specs inside the device and it may be a simple Snapdragon 600 or 800, but LG may go for a cheaper Snapdragon S4 Pro. The tablet will come with 2GB of RAM, the same as most Android tablets.

LG is apparently working on this the same way they did with the LG G2, thinning the bezels and making sure it is an extremely light device. Even with the larger display size, LG is confident the tablet will be able to fit in back pockets.

LTE and call functionality will be coming to the LG tablet, allowing users to take and make calls on the 8.3-inch device. As mad as it sounds, it is an option for people who want to try taking a phone call on a tablet.

No details on price, LG is probably looking at the 8-inch tablet market, consisting of the iPad Mini, Galaxy Note 8.0 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and pricing it accordingly.

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