6 Human Heads Found & A Family Shot To Death In Mexico On Christmas

53 policemen roam around Jiquilpan after finding beheaded men in the city. Image source: Twitter/mcn24H_Mex

Christmas in Mexico is not as white as the snow in the West. In fact, it is bloody, as different murders took place in the country on December 25.

Violence emerged all over Western Mexico as the police discovered six decapitated heads in one state. In another place, a mass slaying also occurred.

The Michoacan state prosecutor’s office reported finding six heads in Jiquilpan. The said city is near the state of Jalisco and has been a battleground between drug gangs for years now.

Red Christmas In Mexico

The identities of the six dead men are not yet known. Also, their missing bodies are also unaccounted for, reports The Sun.

Mexico has been dealing with different battling drug cartels for years now. The competition among gangs did not take the a holiday and they attacked each other, leading to a mass slaying.

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The security officials in the state of Guerrero, Jiquilpan’s neighboring city, said that gunmen entered a house and started shooting seven people. All seven reportedly died. Five of these were members of a single family and two others were a married couple.

Police Officers Were Also Killed

Carrie Fisher Heart Attack

Jiquilpan state spokesman Roberto Alvarez Heredia. Image source: Twitter / ‏@antenaradio

Furthermore, state spokesman Roberto Alvarez Heredia said that two of the seven killed were officers, reports the CTV News.

The preliminary investigation of the police suggested that the gunmen targeted just one of the victims. However, due to a sudden change in plans, the perpetrators ended up killing them all.

The state of Guerrero is one of the states where drug lords hail. Moreover, drug gangs have been bombarding the state with violence.

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