4th Impact Latest News: Girl Group Under A Lot Of Pressure To Make Filipino Fans Proud

Following Celina’s dramatic collapse on hit TV show, The X Factor UK, many rumors and speculations have been going around as to why the young lady had to be carried off by paramedics. One reason though has made more sense than others – that being, the girls have been under a lot of pressure to make their fans, especially their Filipino fans proud of them.

In fact, the thought of letting said fans down amy have terrified the girls so much that they’ve been really pushing themselves to rehearse whenever they could.

According to Simon Cowell’s good friend, Sinitta, the 4th Impact girls placed too much pressure on themselves and never took time to “stop, eat, relax, sleep.” Thus explaining Celina’s delicate state which led to her collapsing twice on the show on separate occasions.

“I think so [they put too much pressure on themselves] to make their country proud,” said Sinitta. “It’s like old school, like the Jacksons etc. It’s like ‘God, take a break’. But I think they’ll be massive. I thought they’d make the finals.”

Fans may recall that following their elimination, Celina whispered in her native tongue that she could not breathe and after a few moments, suddenly collapsed. It was the second time the young singer fainted on stage, thus prompting rumors that she may have a secret medical condition that viewers aren’t aware of.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, 4th Impact’s mentor screamed for help and watched worriedly as two producers ran on stage to carry Celina backstage. The girl group later took to Twitter to update fans on Celina’s condition, reassuring everyone that she was okay.

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