4.7 inch iPhone spotted in a hands on video

As we are nearing the launch of the next iPhone 6, we are getting more details about the device. We have already seen a number of leaked images of model but this time, the 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6 was found in a hands on video. While, the video didn’t reveal much about the specifications of the device, it was enough to showcase the new design from Apple.

Looks like earlier leaks were quite right when they said that the next iPhone would be a drastic improvement from the current design. The 4.7 inch phone as seen in the video was slimmer and curvier than all the existing generations. It’s almost the same design as we saw a few weeks back in the leak, so if you read that story, you already know what the device might look like.

If you have been a huge fan of the current iPhone design, then you might not like the new one. Apple has changed a lot of details in its next generation phone, which frankly is something that we are looking forward to.

The iPhone showcased in the video came with a power button on the side, instead of on top like all other previous generations. So, it might take some time to get used to the new placement of the lock button, if you have been using iPhones for the past few years. However, for users who are planning to shift from a non-Apple phone, the power button on the side would feel normal as most phones today come with the lock button on the side.

Another interesting change in the new model is the protruding camera module. The rear camera comes out a little bit which is not something that Apple users are used to. In fact, we guess some Apple fans may not be happy with raised camera, but the video presenter notes that it was necessary if the company had to improve the module. Apple could not have incorporated a better camera in a phone which is now even slimmer than previous generations, so this move was unavoidable.

Also, the presenter notes that at least the 4.7 inch version of the phone may not come with a sapphire glass as previously rumored. Production of sapphire glasses are quite costly as well as technically difficult, so Apple may have decided to go with a different a material, like some sort of tempered glass as seen on the model in the hands on video.

Anyways, we don’t have to wait too long to get official details about the next iPhone 6 as Apple will announce one (if not two) iPhones at the scheduled September 9 event in Cupertino.

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