4.7 inch iPhone 6 to enter production this month

4.7 inch iPhone 6 to enter production this monthAs we near the launch of the awaited iPhone 6, we are getting more details about the device. Today, a Taiwanese daily called Economic Daily News (via Reuters) reported that the 4.7 inch version of the iPhone will go into production pretty soon followed by the larger 5.5 inch version in around August this year.

This particular report adds to the previous prediction by rumors which said that Apple will release two different versions of iPhone 6 this year. Last year, Apple followed a similar strategy, wherein it released two handsets, the 5S and 5C. The 5S was the flagship while the 5C was the downgraded cheaper version of the iPhone. But, 5C was not as well received as expected and the upcoming 4.7 inch version of the iPhone could be its replacement.

Another thing to note here is that Apple is ramping up the screen size on its upcoming iPhone. All the existing iPhones in the market measure 4.0 inches or less, so this would be the first time that the company will be releasing a large screen device. But it’s not that surprising because we are seeing an increasing trend of flagships having a screen size 5.0 inches or more and it was only a matter of time, Apple followed this trend.

But it is said that Apple is having some troubles with the production of its large screen device. While the 4.7 inch version is expected to hit production by the third week of July, the 5.5 inch version will start production only around second week of August.

One of China’s state run agencies reports that Foxconn has already started employing 100,000 workers to meet the production demand of the iPhone. Pegatron, one of Taiwan’s leading contract manufacturers too is planning to hire 10,000 workers for manufacturing the upcoming iPhones.

Due to the difference in the production dates of the 4.7 inch version and the 5.5 inch version, it may happen that Apple release the latter in limited quantities after launch. If the Cupertino giant is to follow its traditional iPhone launch schedule, then we can expect the announcement in September this year. That’s hardly a month after the 5.5 inch version goes into production which is why we think the 5.5 inch version will be made available only some weeks after the official announcement.

Meanwhile, iWatch’s production, which was expected to start this month, is reportedly delayed to November. So, we may not see the smartwatch this year, unlike previous rumors which stated that Apple will release the iWatch around the same time as the next iPhone.

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