2 Guns takes the Lead in August’s First Movie Line Up

2 Guns takes the Lead in August's First Movie Line UpOpening the month of August in new movies across domestic theaters, 2 Guns took the lead with gross earning of $27 million opening weekend.

The latest action film 2 Guns released August 1rst, 2013 and took theaters by storm, powering over sequel Smurfs 2 and spin-off The Wolverine. The first major film produced by newcomer Baltasar Kormakur stars Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. The film pairs the duo as undercover officers out to catch a drug lord.

This film marks Universal Studio’s seventh number one blockbuster for 2013 following after an unsuccessful release of the film R.I.P.D this July. This is Kormakur’s second film release that began with the film Contraband released in 2012 also starring popular actor Mark Wahlberg. Contraband earned total grossing earnings of $25 million.

While 2 Guns stole the show on Friday, also released the Wednesday prior was the follow up sequel Smurfs 2 pulling in a total earnings of $27.8 million its first five days in theaters. The animated sequel featuring classic characters the Smurfs disappointed president of worldwide distribution for producers Sony Entertainment.

The original Smurfs movie released in 2011 with a massive earnings total of $142.6 million total domestically and $421 million in international theaters for total earnings of $563 million. Smurf 2 low opening numbers in the US were offset by international releases bring the actual gross earnings for the little blue characters to $52 million. Sony stated it expects most of the sequels earnings will come from overseas sales as with its original so there is still hope for the numbers to raise.

The third place spot for August releases was taken by the spin-off movie The Wolverine, diving deeper into popular comic hero Wolverine. Since its release, Wolverine has total gross earnings of $95 million in domestic theaters. Though taking third, the film produced by Twentieth Century Fox has already outsold the 2009 film X-men Origins: Wolverine.

Also in the top ten spots were films ‘Despicable Me 2’ from DreamWorks Entertainment and ‘Turbo’ produced by Animation SKG. Also finding gains low-budget horror flick “The Conjuring” has now surpassed $100 million in earnings on its third week in rotation. The films original budget was only $20 million, providing high earnings percentage despite not making the top three.

The Wolverine with a 59% drop in second week sales lead the top list in most rapid decline which Despicable Me 2 and The Conjuring saw declines of 38% and 37%. The Smurfs 2 is still holding steady with hopes of continuing to see relatively high earnings headed into its second week.

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