Doctors Reattach Toddler’s Decapitated Head After Car Crash

Screen grab from Daily Mail.

On September 15, Rylea Taylor was traveling to Queensland with her two young children when a reckless driver crashed into the family’s vehicle.

The culprits, three teenagers, had been “performing” car stunts around the bend when they crashed into the Taylor’s vehicle. The impact of the car crash left Rylea’s nine-year-old daughter unconscious and her 16-month-old screaming.

Ignoring the three teenagers that were dressed in their school uniforms, Rylea said that she felt helpless as she pulled her children out of the wreck and that she immediately sensed that her youngest had broken his neck. The toddler, Jaxon, had broken his c1, c2 and collarbone, meaning that, internally, his neck was no longer attached to his spine.

Photo taken from Facebook.

Photo taken from Facebook.

The toddler had to be placed in a medically-induced coma for three days and will be required to wear a halo and undergo treatment to help fuse his bones back together properly.

Meanwhile, Jaxon’s nine-year-old sister Shayne had to undergo surgery to stop internal bleeding and to have a part of her small bowel removed. According to reports, she will also be placed in a body during the succeeding weeks to ensure that her broken vertebrae heal properly, and not hunchback.

Screen grab from Daily Mail.

Screen grab from Daily Mail.

While the little members of the Taylor family are on the road to recovery, Rylea was informed by authorities that because the punishment for reckless driving and causing grievous bodily harm vary from state to state, the most the reckless drivers would be getting was a suspended license and a fine.

Understandably upset with the news, Rylea began a petition on for the National Road Transport Commission calling that the punishment for reckless driving be uniform across Australia.

“Australia needs to deter others from ruining innocent people’s lives. One body to create tougher laws that reflect the suffering they have caused. Laws that are the same Australia wide, laws that hopefully, if they carry substantial punishments might actually make people think twice before driving recklessly,” says Rylea.

To sign Rylea Taylor’s petition visit and join over 4,500 individuals who have signed the petition to date.

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