15 Killed In School Bus Crash In India

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Times of India | 15 students dead after school bus collided with truck in India. Photo Credit: Twitter/Times of India

In India, about 15 children died in an accident that happened on Thursday morning in the town of Etah.  The school bus with about 60 schoolchildren collided with a truck in Uttar Pradesh. 45 of the kids reportedly got injured due to the crash.  The bus driver died instantly.  The rescuers sent the victims to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

According to a senior police officer, 14 of the children are in critical condition.  The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, tweeted his condolences to the family involved in the accident.  Rahul Srivastava, another police officer in the area, and other police officers are now investigating the incident and what caused the crash.

Accident pointed towards reckless driving and the road conditions

In addition, Srivastava revealed that the morning was foggy in Uttar Pradesh and that there is poor visibility of the roads.  These accidents are quite common in the area, especially on winter mornings.  The ages of the victims were between three and twelve years old and went to the local school in the area, according to BBC.  The school bus driver died instantly upon impact.  The truck driver, on the other hand, survived the accident.  He is now admitted in a hospital for medical treatment, reports Aljazeera.  Further, the truck driver needs both of his legs amputated, according to police officer Parasuram Singh.  

Because of the cold weather, the town has closed all state schools when the accident happened.  And so, they are trying to find out why the school stayed open, says Javeed Ahmed, state police officer.   India has the highest number of road deaths, with one occurring every four minutes.  Back in 2015, about 146,000 people died due to road accidents alone, according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.  These car crashes are mostly blamed on reckless driving, poor road maintenance and vehicles.  

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