13 Reasons Why Netflix Show Caused Teen Suicides, Claims Parents

Image from Netflix.

13 Reasons Why is easily one of the most controversial shows to come from Netflix, tackling issues like suicide and rape in a fairly graphic manner. Unfortunately, it has influenced fans in a negative way, possibly resulting in an actual teen committing suicide after binge-watching the show on Netflix. The grieving parents of the victim were quick to blame the show and it’s dark nature, begging for the second season to get cancelled.

The suicide happened on April 18, where a teenager named Bella was found in her bedroom closet after she had hanged herself. Bella was rushed to the hospital, but never recovered and died 10 days later according to In Touch Weekly. John Herndon, Bella’s father, feels like she wouldn’t have killed herself if she hadn’t watched the show, hence the pleas to cancel season 2.

Considering how 13 Reasons Why was only based on one book, the announcement of a second season confused fans and critics. The controversy caused by the first show is well documented, and the aforementioned suicide won’t be helping matters. Despite high reviews from critics, the show continues to gain a mixed reception from actual depressed and suicidal people, who feel that the show could trigger a lot of viewers.

Sadly, Bella wasn’t the only person to kill herself after watching the controversial Netflix show. Priscilla Chiu was another 15 year old teenager who killed herself after finishing the show. John has called the show “destructive” and has attempted to call Netflix about it, but he was ignored by the network.

Herndon called out Selena Gomez, one of the show’s executive producers, who has described 13 Reasons Why as her “passion project.” The father of the diseased Bella feels like Gomez steered her Disney fan base to the Netflix show. “It’s chilling to me that Selena Gomez, who worked with Disney making movies that families watched, steered her fan base to this,” Herndon said, adding, “Someone has to stand up and say, ‘This is wrong.’”

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